Preparing to Get Mortgages

Don't wait until you're buying the property to start preparing the get a mortgage... there are things you can and should do months or years in advance to make sure you maximize cash flow when you get your mortgage.

Preparing to Get Mortgages

So, you’ve decided to invest in real estate and know that you’ll need a mortgage to buy property.

There are some things you should do BEFORE you apply for your mortgage. You should be thinking about these things ideally for multiple years before you try to get a mortgage.

In this mini-class, we will discuss the preparation you should do before getting a mortgage and how to make the process faster, better, and easier, especially if you plan to buy more than one property.

Check out the video from this class here:

Preparing to Get Mortgages - Video

In this class, James discusses:

  • Knowing your qualification requirements from your lender
  • Getting a loan when you're self-employed
  • Don't be penny-wise, pound-foolish
  • Knowing and improving your credit score (one way to maximize cash flow)
  • Understanding Debt-To-Income and using it to your advantage to maximize cash flow
  • Saving money preparing to get mortgage (and uses of that money to make sure you optimize cash flow)
  • A list of often requested document when applying for a mortgage
  • Organizing your files to be prepared for applying
  • Plus much more...

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Preparing to Get Mortgages

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